Bodies of Change - Body of Work

The Bodies of Change project brought together artists, models, and photographers from across the country.

These change agents created works of bodypaint that represent pressing environmental issues and sustainable development goals.

With these pieces, People, Planet, Paint and its collaborators hope that viewers will pay extra attention to the truth and gravity behind climate change and be moved to act in ways that will mitigate it and its effects. Action against climate change and for sustainable development benefits both the planet and the people it serves, now and into the future.

Welcome, we hope you enjoy your look at the #NakedTruth of climate change.

United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, countries adopted a set of global goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all now and into the future. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are supposed to guide nations and their actions for the next 15 years and EVERYONE must play a part in order for the goals to be reached. Did you know about these goals? Are you doing your part?

Zero Hunger

Artist: Rhonda Hardesty / Model: Sarah Marie

Good Health and Well-Being

Artist: Dawn Huston / Model: DeeDee Reinstein / Photographer: Trevor Gass

Quality Education

Artist: Angelina Shumaker / Model: Liz Chavez / Photographer: Trevor Gass

Gender Equality

Artist: Mandy Gibson / Model: Lisa Ann / Photographer: Heather Kenny

Clean Water and Sanitation

Artist: Jessica Wagner

Affordable and Clean Energy

Artist: Sophia Rosman / Model: Dasha

Reduced Inequalities

Artist: Shanna Lim / Model: Hermione Rhones

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Artist: Alexandra Courtney and Devon Weiland / Model: Caroline Olsen and CR Hall / Photographer: Trevor Gass

Responsible Consumption and Production

Artist: Sam Spiegel / Model: Jenny Over, Rachael Coleman / Photographer: Trevor Gass

Climate Action

Artist: Veda D. Gaston / Model: Leandra Finder

Life Below Water

Artist: Emiko Martinez / Photographer: Trevor Gass

Life on Land

Artist: Sam Spiegel / Model: Jenny Over, Rachael Coleman / Photographer: Trevor Gass

Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

Artist: CR Hall

Partnerships for the Goals

Artist: Rhonda Hardesty and Sophia Rosman / Model: Hillary Moon / Photographer: Simmie Terrell, SWT Photography

Global Environmental Issues

The effects of climate change are vast, some easier to comprehend than others. Many, arguably all, are captured somewhere in the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Sea Level Rise

Artist: Natalia Malley and Elaine Jenkins

Global Temperature Rise

Artist: Cheryl Ann Lipstreu / Model: Megan Cunningham

Environmental Leadership

Artist: Cheryl Ann Lipstreu / Model: Shanna Ferreira

Polar Ice Caps

Artist: Miriam Braly / Model: Amaadi Coleman / Photographer: Heather Kenny

Habitat Health and Diversity

Artist: Kari Warpinski

Snow Pack and Early Run-off

Artist: Rhonda Hardesty / Model: Amanda Foster / Photographer: Heather Kenny


Artist: Shane Fernald / Model: Katie Nerud

Arctic Sea Ice

Artist: Cheryl Ann Lipstreu

Artificial Intelligence

Artist: Shane Fernald

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Pick up a brush, find a body, and paint! Tag your art with @pplplanetpaint and #BodiesofChange #NakedTruth.  

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