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Polar Bear Plight - #CherylAnnArt
Stranded Bear Cheryl Ann Lipstreu
Hungry Bear - Cheryl Ann Lipstreu
Polar Bear Cubs Cheryl Ann Lipstreu
PolarBearPlight Cheryl Ann Lipstreu


Arctic Sea Ice

Polar Bear Plight
Arctic sea ice keeps the polar regions cool and helps moderate global climate. As sea ice melts, sunlight is absorbed instead of reflected causing oceans to heat up.  As land ice melts, freshwater is added to the oceans, causing sea levels to rise.  Melting sea ice can also affect ocean circulations and winter weather.
Take a closer look at the loss of sea ice on NASA's Climate Time Machine.
Cheryl Ann Lipstreu
Bethany Tuttle

As their habitats diminish, bears are left stranded, hungry, and estranged from their cubs.

The effects of climate change reach far outside of the arctic, affecting humans as well.  To what extent and when, scientists are unsure; but the world is already experiencing rising temperatures and extreme weather events attributable to climate change. 


Artist would like viewers to support The National Resource Defense Council (NRDC).

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