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Mother Earth Gently Weeps_Cheryl Ann
Mother Earth Tears_Lipstreu
Mother Earth Gently Weeps_Cheryl Ann
Mother Earth Gently Weeps_Cheryl Ann


Environmental Leadership

Mother Earth Gently Weeps
In the face of climate change, dwindling resources, and widespread habitat loss; the United States, with policies like the Clean Power Plan and ratification of the COP21 Paris Agreement; has made significant progress towards curbing the effects of climate change.  Strong institutions and leaders committed to furthering this progress are necessary to avoiding environmental and climate disaster. 
Cheryl Ann Lipstreu
Shann Ferreira

For the Mother Earth Gently Weeps, Cheryl Ann wanted to portray the beauty of our sacred earth and how sad it is that our modern way of life has lost respect for the planet and all her creatures. The earth weeps in her longing to provide for her children while at the same time the children are brutally murdering, torturing, polluting, raping and poisoning our mother. We literally destroy what we need most with global record dwindling fresh water supplies. It is the saddest crime for all of us to ignore her cries.

Artist would like viewers to support the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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