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Bodies of Change - Change Agents, aka Participants

With an idea and a call-to-create, People, Planet, Paint brought together artists, models, and photographers from across the United States to participate in a project that gives a new voice to environmental and sustainable development issues.

We send the deepest thanks to all who have participated or supported the project in one way or another, both in public and behind-the-scenes.

Contributions of artwork are what made this whole thing possible. Contributors to the complete body of work include:


Alexandra Courtney

Angelina Shumaker

Cheryl Ann Lipstreu

CR Hall

Dawn Huston

Devon Weiland

Elaine Jenkins

Emiko Martinez

Jessica Wagner

Jocelyn Goode

Kari Warpinski

Mandy Gibson

Miriam Braly

Natalia Malley

Niazja Blessed Rios

Rhonda Hardesty

Sam Spiegel

Shane Fernald

Shanna Lim

Sophia Rosman

Veda D. Gaston

Zoe Morris


Amaadi Coleman Amy Hope

Caroline Olsen Coral Lopez

CR Hall Dasha DeeDee Reinstein Hillary Moon Jenny Over Katie Nerud Leandra Finder Lisa Ann Liz Chavez Megan Cunningham Rachael Coleman Sarah Marie Shann Ferreira

Simmie Terrell


Trevor Gass, trevg studios Skyelar Habberfield, Marcus Media Simmie Terrell, SWT Photography Rhonda Hardesty, Fantasy Artz Heather Kenny

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