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Save the Wetlands! - Shane Fernald
Save the Wetlands! - Naked Truth
Save the Wetlands! - Brush Shield
Save the Wetlands!



Save the Wetlands!
The UN Millennium Ecosystem Assessment determined that environmental degradation is more prominent within wetland systems than any other system on Earth.  The United States has lost over half of its wetlands in the lower 48 states; and Louisiana loses an area of wetlands the size of a football field every hour.  
Shane Fernald
Katie Nerud

We must preserve wetlands!  They are critical in the overall functioning and health of all the other ecosystems on earth.  They prevent flooding, keep water levels normal, filter and purify water, release vegetative matter into rivers to feed fish, and are vital natural habitats of wildlife. 

Artist would like viewers to support NOAA Habitat Conservation.

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