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Habitat & Ecosystem Health

Habitat destruction far outstrips habitat protection across many parts of the planet. A study reveals more than half the planet could now be classified as completely converted to human-dominated land use.
All species - plants, animals, and humans alike - rely on diverse habitats and the resources they provide to survive and thrive.  
Kari Warpinski

This scene is meant to showcase a handful of precious habitats that are threatened by today's pervasive lack of concern for environmental preservation.  On the front, oceans and cave systems, broad deserts and a dwindling rainforest.  On the model's back, a forest fading to grassland, an icy spire and a bamboo thicket.  Deforestation, climate change, overfishing, poaching, and general careless human influence is encroaching upon all these ecosystems; eventually, someone will have to pay the price. 

Artist would like viewers to support World Wildlife Fund.

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